Saturday, May 19, 2007

First Post!

Welcome to Slave, Free Thyself.

What's that, you say? Weird name for a blog? Not really. We're all slaves to something, and usually by our own choosing. Me? In the land of slaves, I'm an IT Project Manager, leading software development projects week after week, month after month, too often ignoring the crazy little dying man inside me who's begging to create, counsel and inspire.

In the land of my dreams, though? After finding an agent, and then a publisher for Healing Chiron, I become a full-time novelist who runs a combination driving range/goat farm/drive-thru BBQ Rib, Chicken & Brisket stand. Get it? I could start the smokers after getting the kids on the school bus, and write all day until the rush-hour folks start driving up to pick up their dinner. Dunno where the goats come in, but the idea of selling milk to some local store sounds like a daily chore that would keep my blood pressure down.

Plus, I wouldn't need to mow the driving range.

The crows of this world put the odds of this ever happening at one in uhhhh two million. Whatever the odds, I'm not buying what they're selling. Instead, the key is this: Focus on creating something beautiful, and - sooner or later - the right person will take notice. Til that day comes, I'll move forward with my work-in-progress, The Killing Stones, and get started on Take Out - a fictional (and much more interesting) account of my day job. The goal? To be so fully invested in my writing that I can never abandon my dream. Otherwise, I work for the Darth Vaders of the world until I'm sixty.

Yech. Did I just say that?

If I'm posting on this site, it probably means I need a break from The Killing Stones. In all likelihood, though, posts here will be few and far between ("quality, not quantity") since I'm also busy marketing my work of supernatural/urban fantastic/inspirational fiction, Healing Chiron. Its first chapter will be Post #2 and remain front and center (for marketing purposes) until I sell the manuscript. Otherwise, material I post on this site will most likely be related to writing, religion, and philosophy.

Another purpose of this blog? I need to make some connections in the writing community. I'm looking for critique partners and a mentor (preferably a published author in my genre).



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